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What her clients say...

Painful Problems...
...do not always require painful solutions. Ortho-Bionomy® bodywork is gentle, deeply effective with lasting results. 

"Ortho-Bionomy® really works"!
 says Bill Borgers, avid skier and fisherman. O-B allows space and ease within your whole being.




Heidi Timm’s Gentle Touch Therapies include the non-force modalities of
Ortho- Bionomy® and Craniosacral Therapy.

“NO pain modalities bring big gain in function”

"When the body is given the correct motive for change, it will respond. When the body is forced or coerced to respond, it will rebel. This is natural.”

“Using the language of the body, the reflexes, allows the body and the person to respond and rebalance which is healing.”
-- Arthur Lincoln Pauls

In the last years of my long bodywork career, my inquiring self has been intrigued with the power of receiving gentle touch bodywork. Isn’t a sensitive, compassionate touch what we all need and hunger for? This touch is used in Ortho-Bionomy® and Craniosacral. With a gentle and trained touch, the cautious human reptilian brain finds no reason to be alarmed, or wary. One can, therefore, allow a deep profound relaxation and release to take place within oneself. I have found as the practitioner, that there is so much more information available at my fingertips when relaxed. This is also directly reflected in the client’s experience, much more can be felt and experienced. And the body responds.

© 2011 Heidi Timm, bodywork@heiditimm.com, 505-204-0382. Heidi lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.